Monday, 28 March 2016


Monarchy, the Civil War and the Restoration Society

A + E initial respect for their Lord and Maker turns into apprehension and bitter irritation. Eve calls God the 'great Forbidder'. Symbolises the nation realising that the monarch is not the benevolent God's emissary in Britain but rather a tyrant keeping the nation under surveillance and control.


Satan: metaphor for a troubled nation, destroyed by years of unfair monarchic rule, who lost their morality. This nation seeks to overthrow the monarch using radical, brutal steps just like Satan


The title- the Paradise lost to people could suggests the opportunity of forming a republic, also lost to society as the Restoration of the monarchy was carried out. Promise of a new, fair, orderly country was, to Milton, a promise of a political Paradise. PL seems to be Milton's lament over these hopes.

Critique of the restoration or the revolution?


In the 17th century, significant improvement in women's contribution to the society and community. Women were increasingly involved in the newly formed Quakers religious group. Allowed to be active members of the Quaker community but they could also be priestesses- socially empowering change for women in England

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